After being a Peace Corps Volunteer for 4 years and living on a tight budget, I have learned to be resourceful and frugal. This training came in handy when planning my cancer treatment in the Cayman Islands.


Cancer is expensive no matter how you choose to treat it. Adding in a personal vaccine to the Grand Cayman Islands may seem daunting. But, do not let the travel costs and the possible exorbitant price-tag dissuade you from seeking this important cancer treatment.


Here is how I traveled to the Grand Cayman on a “shoestring:”

  • Let family and friends know about upcoming treatment. They may be able to extend help in the form of frequent flyer miles, timeshare weeks/points.
  • Use frequent flyer miles: I had 70,000 miles and my ticket cost 69,000 miles. A few days before I checked, it was 125,000 miles. Airline ticket prices are volatile. Keep checking and do not give up!
  • Luggage: I booked with Delta Airlines and used my Delta Skymiles American Express Card. When you use your Delta Skymiles Credit Card to book a flight (I was charged a $95 fee for the flight with my points), you are given one free bag round-trip.
  • Lodging: My parents had timeshare points that they shared with me. This carved $175 off my hotel costs. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman for $360 for 4 nights. Bargain in the Cayman! The hotel was just what I needed. I was given a balcony on the 2nd floor that overlooked the pool, the ocean, and the free-range chickens. Also, it offers a complimentary shuttle. Remember to check Airbnb & VRBO.


The Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman

The Holiday Inn Resort Grand Cayman


  • Ground transport:
    – Stay close to 7-Mile Beach (if not on it)
    – Find a hotel with a shuttle (Holiday Inn)
    – Check out car rental prices (I was offered $4 per day after booking with Delta Airlines. I ended up cancelling my car rental due to the free Holiday Inn shuttle and Perseus offers Dervin to shuttle you).
  • Meals: Pack most of your food, hot plate, small sauce pan, coffee mug, shaker cup, utensils, paper plates, paper towels. Kirk’s Market is quite spendy- only spent $78 due to bringing the basics. Kirk’s offers local produce, organic, & deli items.


Affirm: I make healthy choices. I have respect for myself. ~Louise Hay

Affirm: I make healthy choices. I have respect for myself. ~Louise Hay


    • Food Items packed:
      Beverages – ORGANO Coffee (click on link on home page for my ORGANO site). – Lemon Balm to add to water. – Alkaline water drops. – Items for Shaker Cup= Green Superfood, Collagen, Bone Broth powders. – The Holiday Inn has a complementary water cooler in the lobby. Bring your water bottles and fill ’em up.

      Breakfast items- Nature’s Path organic oatmeal packets, cinnamon, Trader Joe’s organic coconut oil packets.
      – Cut up green apple from Kirk’s and stir into oatmeal.

      Lunch & Dinner- Nucoconut turmeric coconut wraps.
      – Siete grain-free tortilla chips.
      – Organic Dal split peas/spinach/coconut.
      – Organic olive oil for salads (wrap in plastic bag in case if spills).-
      – Supplement with items from Kirk’s Market.

      Snacks – Healthy snacks are important to keeping up your energy & healing.
      – Thrive Market Organic Goji Berry Power Trail Mix.
      – Kale Chips.
      – Jicama Chips.
      – Roasted Kale.
      – EPIC chicken and buffalo.
      – Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein PB chocolate chip bars.
      – Fudge-Fat bombs (homemade).
      – Tiger-nut cookies (homemade).

      Plane snacks – Celery with raw almond butter
      – Cut up green apples.
      – Hard-boiled eggs.
      – Sweet potatoes.
      – Spry chewing gum for landing (snack?)

      • Go Fund Me: If you have a tech savvy friend ask for help setting up a GFM site. I am very thankful and grateful for my GFM supporters. It is very humbling to ask and to receive, yet, an important lesson in life.
      • Off-season: I traveled to the Cayman during the low season where prices are markedly lower than high season.


7-Mile Beach

7-Mile Beach


May you also travel to the Grand Cayman and other world-wide destinations on a “shoestring!”

You can do it!

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