I travel safely wherever I go. I always meet loving, helpful people on my journey.
~ Louise Hay



I believe in creating a “Carpe Diem List” versus a “Bucket List.” Bucket List sounds short-term and final as if you are giving up on life.

On the other hand, a Carpe Diem List sounds adventurous, full of life, and committed to living a long, happy life.

I am young, sassy and plan to live to be a ripe old age of 100 with a good quality of life. Having a Carp Diem List keeps me on track for this goal.

My Carp Diem List is varied with daily to monthly to yearly items. One of the items on my list is the Galapagos Islands. It is an adventure that I will be able to cross-off soon! Yippee!!!

Next week, I am chaperoning a group of 50 8th grade students (my son included) with 18 chaperones to the Galapagos Islands.

This is a dream come true! But, niggling in the back of my mind is… I am in remission from cancer. How in the heck do I travel while maintaining my self-care and healthy ways?

Here is my list to keeping sane before my trip and for having fun during my trip!


Top 10 list for Super- Moms Traveling with Cancer (and in remission):

  1. Start packing early so there is “no hurry, no worry” and create a packing list.
  2. Conserve energy and purchase travel items and garments online. Amazon Prime will deliver in two days (did I mention best money ever spent for an Amazon Prime membership?). Sierra Trading Post usually has killer deals. If you have a Costco nearby, they supply great travel basics.
  3. Purchase travel-sized: Protein powder, bone broth powder, collagen powder, veggies/fruits powder, magnesium powder (I like Calm). Bring your “shaker cup.”
  4. Let your travel company and airlines know about any dietary restrictions.
  5. For the airplane: Pack your own salad, snacks (“ants on a log” celery, nuts/seeds, cut-up green apple with raw almond butter, hard-boiled eggs, Tiger-Nut cookies, Fudge Fat Bombs- if labeling call them something else…not bombs when traveling!)
  6. Water bottle After going through security, look for a drinking fountain with a filter and fill ‘er up!
  7. Pack a travel yoga mat and good walking shoes
  8. Remember your medicines, nutraceuticals, supplements. Other must-have’s when traveling: Calcium Citrate will help keep you moving if constipated! Probiotics will help with upset tummies.
  9. Healthy sunscreen and organic lip balm
  10. Visor vs. hat. A visor allows the sun to shine on your head with it’s many vitamins and healing properties.

Leave any negative thoughts behind…this is the trip of a lifetime!


Affirm: I can travel with cancer because…I am a Super Mom!!!

Carpe Diem!!!

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