When I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, I was told my treatment would be chemotherapy, surgery, radiation. I knew my body well enough to know that these harsh treatments would kill me because my body was running on fumes. Instead of destroying my healthy cells, I knew enough that I needed to rebuild my immune system.

When I asked my oncologist about treatment “choices,” he gave me a blank stare. The conventional cancer system does not have choices; it is a one-size-fits-all approach using the standard protocol of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation or better known as the “cut, poison, burn” treatment.

Thankfully, my healing cancer journey has unveiled hundreds of effective treatments for cancer. After all, treating cancer is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. It is a multi-pronged effort using various healing modalities that resonate with YOUR body.

As the great Hippocrates in 400 B.C. stated, “First, do no harm.” The remedies outlined below follow Hippocrates advice of doing no harm and treating the body in a non-toxic, loving way so it may heal.


20 Effective Healing Therapies for your Healing Cancer Journey (that I have personally tried)

1.The Budwig Protocol

2. Vitamin C Infusions

Jackie Receiving Treatment in a Quilt

3.Ozone Therapy

4.Curcumin Infusions

5.Perseus Personal Vaccine


7.Infra-Red Sauna

8.Coffee enemas

9.Chiropractic adjustments


11.Essiac Tea

12.Rife Machine

13.Bio-dentistry- “Dental health is the gateway to internal health,” Trina Felber. Get your mouth cleaned up and very likely your health concerns will clear up (no root canals, cavitations, mercury/amalgam fillings)




17.EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


19.Exercise: Yoga/Forest Bathing/Walking/Rebounding

20.Ketogenic Diet


50 More Effective Healing Therapies

*Thank you to the late Bill Henderson for compiling this list

  1. Antineoplaston Therapy
  2. Asian herbs
  3. Ayurveda
  4. Bovine Colustrom
  5. Carctol
  6. Cesium Chloride
  7. Chaparral
  8. Chelation
  9. Chlorella
  10. Co-enzyme 10
  11. Colloidal Silver
  12. Concentrated Aloe Vera
  13. Cytoluminescent Therapy (CLT)
  14. Dichloroacetate (DCA)
  15. DMSO Therapy
  16. Germanium
  17. Gerson Therapy
  18. Grape Juice
  19. Hans Nieper, M.D.
  20. Haelan 951
  21. Hoxsey Therapy
  22. Hyperbaric units
  23. Hyperthermia
  24. Immunocal
  25. IP6
  26. Issels’ Whole-Body Therapy
  27. Kelley’s Nutritional-Metabolic Therapy
  28. Lactoferin
  29. Live-Cell Therapy
  30. Livingston Therapy
  31. Lymphotoinic PF2
  32. Magnetic Sleep Pads
  33. Mind-Body Treatments
  34. Mistletoe (Iscador)
  35. Moerman’s Anti-Cancer Diet
  36. MycoSoft
  37. N-Tense
  38. Noni Juice
  39. Oncotox
  40. PolyMVA
  41. Psychotherapy
  42. Peroxide Therapy
  43. Rain-Forest Herbs
  44. Revici Therapy
  45. Selenium
  46. Shark Cartilage
  47. T-Plus
  48. Ukrain
  49. VG-1000
  50. Wigmore therapy

…and many more!!! This is just a sampling of what exists.

Unfortunately, these treatments may be expensive, hard to find or not legal in the United States. More and more cancer patients are leaving our country to seek non-toxic therapies in other countries, such as, Mexico, Germany, Grand Cayman Islands, Asia.

Where is our medical freedom to choose our treatments?

We also need affordable treatments that insurance will cover. Insurance will not cover the above treatments. The majority of cancer patients that are using conventional and non-conventional methods go bankrupt trying to get well.

As shown from the above lists, there are a plethora of gentle ways to heal your body from DIS-EASE.

The key is building up your immune system vs. breaking it down. You were sick and then you got cancer. Not the other way around.

Toxins need to be detoxified in order for your body to start healing. Your thoughts of past resentments, hurts, anger also need to be released. The healing process encompasses the mind, spirit, body…in that order.

In the United States, we focus on the physical part of the cancer. Cut it out, burn it and poison it.

Whereas, we should be employing a loving, gentle and non-toxic approach instead. I love my body and want to heal her not harm her.

After all, as Hippocrates stated: Nature makes the cure; the doctor’s job is to aid nature.

Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D., often says instead of viewing cancer as the enemy…

Think of it as a teacher…

What is the cancer teaching me?

Personally, it was telling me to slow down, lower my stress levels, and clean up my mouth’s cavitations, root canals, and mercury/amalgam fillings.

Simple…yet, the question needs to be addressed and acted on. What IS cancer teaching you? Chances are the answer(s) will come easily. If not, meditate on the question, see what unfolds and then start your healing journey.

The good news is…there are many ways to heal your cancer! Find the ways that are authentic to you and resonate with your body. You must believe in what you are doing for your treatments to be effective.

Affirm: I live in an abundant, harmonious, loving universe with many non-toxic ways to treat DIS-EASE…and I am grateful.



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