I am unlimited in my wealth.
All areas of my life are abundant and fulfilling. ~ Louise Hay



1. Use Your “Cancer Card”

  • The day you are diagnosed with cancer, you have “earned” your Cancer Card.
  • Your Cancer Card is sharing your story with others when shopping, hotels, traveling.
  • You may be offered a discount, a hotel room that suits your needs, meals that fit your diet regime, and many other items. People want to help you but they need to know your story!
  • When I was shopping around for an alkaline water system, I shared with the sales representative why I was looking for a system. She gave me a huge discount when I shared I had cancer. The owner was a cancer survivor and wanted to help others on their cancer journey.

2. Stock Up on Mason Jars

  • 24 Mason wide-mouth pint-sized glass jars
  • 4 pint-sized jars (for smoothies or for speciality drinks)
  • 6 half-gallon glass jars

~ 2 for daily drinking water. Great way for keeping track of how much you are drinking!
~ 2 for Essiac Tea.
~ 2 for storing your coffee enemas. I used half of the half gallon per enema.

    • Extras: Assortment of sizes when the jars are in the dishwasher & leftovers.

3. Glass Containers

      • You will be preparing homemade meals on your healing journey.
      • Recycle your plastic containers as the plastic leaches into your food. I do not trust BPA-free plastic. The best way to store your food is in glass.
      • Purchase glass food containers.
      • Pre-make your salads. If you are tired or not feeling like cooking, eat a pre-made salad.
      • Make extra food and freeze it in your glass containers.

4. Alkaline Water

      • Invest in a top-of-the line alkaline water system.
      • Purchase an alkaline water pitcher and/or bottle if not ready to make investment.
      • Use glass bottles or Mason Jars to store alkaline water.
      • “On-the-Run” days:

~Purchase “Essentia” alkaline water in BPA bottles from Whole Foods in a case
(12 X 1.5 L bottles) and get a 10% discount.
~CUB Foods carries “Alkaline 88 WATER with Himalayan Minerals in 1 gallon and pint size.
~Use your Amazon Prime membership and get it delivered to your door. Voila!

5. Vitamix

      • Invest in a Vitamix! Best money spent! I bought mine 8 years ago. It is bulletproof and has a 7 year warranty. My blade wore out. They sent me a loaner while fixing mine. I ended up purchasing an extended 3 year warranty for $120. My Vitamix is used every day. Keep it on your counter and it will be a reminder to use it daily.
      • Make one 64 ounce smoothie in your Vitamix container in the morning. Pour yourself a big glass (treat yourself to a fancy wine glass and call it the “Green Goddess” vs. ugly green swamp water. You will feel like a Green Goddess with this mind switch!)
      • Pour remaining smoothie in pint wide-mouth Mason jars and refrigerate for later. Great for “grab and go” when you have appointments, a busy day, or want to rest. Amazing energy booster during the day! My skin became radiant and “tan” in color. People always commented on my healthy coloring and how I “glowed.” You skin will take on a warm radiant glow when consuming a healthy smoothie.

When I first began my journey, I couldn’t figure out if a smoothie or juicing was better. I felt that a smoothie was healthier and faster. Smoothies have more fiber which I needed to detox. Also, they fill you up.

The juicing felt like a waste to me as pulp remained from juicing. It is also more time-consuming to clean your machine after juicing. You may want to juice and make smoothies as they are both very healthy for you. I choose smoothies for the extra fiber and for being a time-saver.

6. Buy in Bulk

      • Buy in bulk: spices, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils.
      • Store in your pint-sized glass Mason Jars and label with date and contents.

7. Double Recipes

      • When you are cooking and baking, double the recipe and freeze the extra.

You will thank yourself when you have a day that you do not feel like cooking! When you are on the road, visiting family/friends, and/or staying overnight you may pack a cooler with your pre-made frozen food. It will be ready to eat when you arrive at your destination and will keep cool en route.

8. Amazon Prime

        • Sign up for Amazon Prime to make your shopping easier.
        • Pay the annual fee to save money. Best money spent!
        • My life became busy with my healing protocol and shopping was last on my list.
          Amazon Prime also limited my exposure to crowds. This became a huge energy and time-saver for me.
        • BONUS: With your membership, you will have access to free music, videos, and books.
          You may also purchase music, videos and books for less. I purchased the first season of “Modern Housewife” and “Friends” to add levity and humor to my healing journey.

9. Yoga Mat

        • Purchase one for home and one for travel.
        • No excuse not to exercise when on the road with your travel mat.
        • Freedom to exercise when you have time and no need to pay to exercise.


10. Phone

        • Take advantage of the portable computer you carry with you…your phone.
        • Take photos of books that other patients are reading.
        • Use the Notes for recording information before, during and after your appointments.
        • Keep a list of affirmations in your Notes: look at before appointments, treatments.
        • Add to your contacts the people you meet on your journey.
        • Snap photos of you along your journey and during your treatments. Share with loved ones and friends so they better understand your journey.
        • Use the calendar to keep track of your schedule and appointments.


Please note: I am not receiving a commission from any companies mentioned. I am simply sharing information that made my healing journey easier.

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