When you have a LTD (Long-Term Disability) policy and are diagnosed with cancer…wouldn’t you think that your LTD policy would help you during your time of need? This is not the case with most LTD companies along with Madison National Life Insurance.



Unfortunately, when I was diagnosed with cancer my LTD disability claim with Madison National Life Insurance was not approved. My case was appealed 3x and still denied.


As a result, I have been on unpaid medical leave for months.


Madison National Life Insurance owes me thousands of dollars that should have been paid monthly while on medical leave.


This has created undue stress which is counter-productive to one’s healing journey.


Wouldn’t you think that if you pay for a LTD policy and you are diagnosed with cancer…your policy would go to work for you?


In a perfect world…this would be the case.


With Madison National Life Insurance and LTD companies, it is quite often the norm to be denied.


One of my doctor friends shared this is “normal” and it is “typical” to be denied at least 3x by LTD.


WHAT??? This is wrong!


Why is it when you need your LTD policy the most…you have to fight for your rights?


Profits are More Important Than Helping Cancer Patients


Well…it comes down to the almighty dollar.



Madison National Life Insurance is in the blue and making a great profit. This makes sense as they rarely pay their policy holders when medical issues arise.


If you google Madison National Life Insurance, the company has a ONE star rating.


Read the reviews. Unfortunately, you will find my story is “common.”




Reviews of Madison National Life Insurance

  • “After 2 long years, having to sue this company for long term disability coverage. Their doctors, whom I have never seen, nor talked to by phone, in person, or otherwise, seem to know more about my health than all my doctors and medical professionals. I have not heard of one situation with long term disability that they have actually approved.”
  • “This company is horrible! Beware of them, if your employer tells you this is their provider. I will be writing my congress person, reporting them to the credit bureau, and continue to fight them in court if I am denied again.”
  • “Their long term disability insurance is a scam, when the sign up employers I now believe they have no intentions to pay out any of the claims for those they insure. School districts use this company primarily due to low cost and meets a requirement, which means much needed funds are being wasted. Write letter to your Congress as well as the Insurance Commission frequently”
  • “Do not waste your time appealing and then appealing again……take them to court and sue this horrible company”
  • “They are horrible. They treat you horribly and you could be dying and they would ask, Do the Doctors have a timeline when they think you are going to die? Or, I know the physician that you are seeing is the top expert in the United States, but our physician and I, believe that you really could go back to work with accommodations, like, having them bring chemo to you, and you can use that as your break. They are the Anti-Christ”

The negative reviews go on and on…


And, sadly, patients are not getting the payments they are entitled to receive.


How does one qualify for Social Security Disability through the government but does not qualify through Madison National Life Insurance (a for profit business that the patient pays out of pocket for a policy)?


Another physician shared with me that she cancelled her LTD policy due to how I was treated along with her other patients. She will pocket the $6,000 per year she spends on a LTD policy.


Consult an Attorney


Because I was not being treated fairly by Madison National Life Insurance, an attorney was hired. My attorney shared the doctors Madison National Life Insurance and other LTD insurance companies hire are like “prostitutes.”


Since the doctors are hired and paid by Madison National Life, they will often rule in favor of Madison National Life…instead of the patient. The doctors hired are selling out their soul to Madison National Life.


My attorney encouraged bringing a lawsuit against Madison National Life Insurance due to the harm caused. The cancer returned a second time due to stress; mainly from financial duress.


He shared my case would go in front of a jury in about a year and I would win. People do not like insurance companies and the jurors typically rule in the patient’s favor.


At the time, I chose not to take it further due to lack of money. When I win the Powerball, I will be certain to hire an attorney and have justice served.


Change Needs to Happen and Justice Served


What does the public need to do to have this changed?


Not one to stand quietly by when a crime is being committed, I have reported Madison National Life Insurance to the Better Business Bureau.


Also, I feel the need to blog about this travesty for others to become educated on LTD companies.


Cancer patients are struggling and some are even dying because of Madison National Life Insurance and LTD companies.


Patients are selling their homes, borrowing money, depleting their retirement and life savings. We are not being given the payments needed to pay for our necessities of housing, food, clothing.


Most importantly, we do not have the money to pay for our cancer treatments.


Cancer is expensive no matter how you treat it. As a result, a majority go bankrupt to get better.


The stress is unbearable when faced with financial issues on top of a cancer diagnosis.


Some patients give up all hope, become sicker, die and even commit suicide. All because the LTD policies we pay for are getting denied.




Doctors hired by Madison National Life Insurance who denied my claim:

Andrea Ruskin

Sheba Khalid

Mahdy Flores, DO California License #20A 11663

Mounir Soliman, MD California License #A-54520

Susan Lawrence, MD California License #41677

Mark Rybakov, DO, New York License #265393

Tamara Jackson, PhD


I feel these doctors should be stripped of their medical license. Madison National Life should be shut down and “whoever is the man behind the curtain” should be imprisoned.


Madison National Life Claim Specialists:

Jeremy Z.- Handles initial claim; Jeremy has handled my claim 2x as I applied with both cancer diagnoses.

Nate Bastings- When your claim is denied and you appeal it, Nate gets your case.

David Volgl- When denied again, David gets your case.


Madison National Life Insurance has a pretty slick “denial” system set up. It works like a well-oiled machine!


A Baffling Question


How does one qualify for Social Security Disability through the government but does not qualify through Madison National Life Insurance (a for profit business that the patient pays out of pocket for a policy)?


I qualify for Social Security Disability but not a policy I pay for? Hmmmmm….


Save Your Money


I would encourage you not to waste your money on a LTD policy. As one of my doctors stated, “It is a waste of money as the LTD system is set up to deny your claim.”


It's all about the bottom-line for Madison National Life Insurance...not the patient

It’s all about the bottom-line for Madison National Life Insurance…not the patient

This has been a challenging blog for me to write because I am by nature a “half-full glass” type of gal.


But, Madison National Life needs to be called on the carpet for their injustice and unscrupulous ways of making a profit from their patients. Especially, when cancer patients need financial support for their basic needs and cancer treatments.


Withholding LTD benefits can be a life or death situation for cancer patients.


May justice prevail!


Please note: I am so thankful and grateful for my family and friends that have stuck with my family and me on this crazy cancer journey! Thank you for your gas cards, meal cards, funding my Go Fund Me, checks, cash, meals…and the list goes on and on. Truly, we could not have made it without your kindness and generosity. God bless you!



All is well.

Everything is always working out for my highest good.

Out of this situation, only good will come.

I am safe.

~Louise Hay


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