“Your body is running on fumes, Jackie. You have chronic *neutropenia which puts you in a dangerous state as a cancer patient. Your body cannot heal without getting your immune system stronger,” my doctor shared with me.

This diagnosis led to asking my doctor, “How in the heck do I beef up my immune system with cancer?” Research shows the conventional cancer treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery destroys the immune system and makes the body more toxic. This is the last thing a cancer patient needs…a suppressed immune system and a more toxic body from poisonous treatments.

Something to keep in mind…you did not get cancer then get sick…you were sick and then got cancer. A person with cancer is toxic and needs to embrace boosting the immune system and detoxing.


Common Factors of Breast Cancer

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers or Dr. V, The Breast Cancer Conqueror, shared the following common factors that she has found in thousands of breast cancer patients :

  1. Auto-immune disorders
  2. Poorly managed stress
  3. Lower body temperature
  4. Sleep issues
  5. Toxic
  6. Chronic Pain

Unfortunately, I can relate to all factors! No wonder I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My healing cancer journey, however, unveiled many non-toxic, gentle approaches to strengthening my immune system and detoxifying my body.

One of the most important treatments for creating a stronger immune system and detoxifying on my healing cancer journey is the Biomat. The mat addresses the 6 common breast cancer factors.

I chose the Biomat because it has 4 therapies AND it is EMF protected. Wowza!


5 Benefits of a Biomat

  1. Crystal frequencies- Amethyst and tourmaline
  2. Hyperthermia- Sweating activates your immune system
  3. Negative ions- Invisible molecules that relieve stress, boost energy, alleviates depression. Found abundantly in fast moving water and outdoors
  4. Far Infrared- Heat shock proteins are created
  5. EMF protected!




Breaking Down the Benefits of a Biomat

Last night, I watched a fascinating webinar hosted by Dr. V and Jennifer Horton, Biomat specialist. I had already purchased the Professional Biomat and the Mini Biomat but I was interested in learning more from these two experts. Dr. V swears by the Biomat! It is one of her fav’ healing modalities for a plethora of reasons (the top 5 being outlined above). But, there are so many more things to love about the mat!

Dr. V pointed out that the Biomat “does good without doing harm.” Unlike the conventional cancer treatments that do cause harm to a cancer patient’s body!

She further shared the alarming statistic that every two minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the keys to healing is decreasing inflammation in your body.

No sweat with a Biomat (pun intended)!!!

Benefits of the Bio-Mat:

1.Crystal frequencies- Amethyst and tourmaline are found in abundance in the Biomat. These healing crystals decrease inflammation. Tourmaline is a high negative ion generator. The Biomat generates 3,400 negative ions per cubic centimeter (optimally it is good to have 2,500-3,000; waterfall or forest provides 10,000-20,000). Other mats do not have this high negative ion generator. The amethyst has the far infrared heat.

2.Hyperthermia- Sweating activates your immune system. Sweat leads to detoxification of the body.

3.Negative ions– Usually found where water moves fast (ocean, river), the Biomat provides a high number of ions for healing.

4.Far Infrared- Heat shock proteins are created which activates NK (Natural Killer) cells. The infra-red penetrates 2-3 inches into your body. The benefits last for about 8 hours.

5.EMF protected! EMFs are everywhere and lower your immune system.


The Million Dollar Question: Biomat vs. Infra-red Sauna

  • The Biomat has negative ions
  • The crystals of amethyst and tourmaline offer an added layer of healing benefits
  • Easily integrated into your lifestyle.

– Can nap or sleep on mat.

– Takes up little space

– Cost effective

– Convenient: I can have a treatment in my home in only 30 minutes! No need to travel to my doctor 4 hours away. LOVE it!

– Easily meet lifestyle and health goals

Many users of the Biomat will purchase the Amethyst Biomat Professional. This mat is full-length which you lie on. The Amethyst Biomat Mini is smaller and is placed on top of you to create an infra-red sauna. I purchased both to create optimal healing.

On the other hand, the infra-red sauna can be costly, takes up space, does not have the added healing components of crystals and negative ions. My friend owns an infra-red sauna and loves it!

The key to choosing a Biomat or infra-red sauna is figuring out which will fit your lifestyle…and more importantly, which will you use?

The Biomat

I fell in love with my Biomat! What is not to love with all the healing properties a Biomat offers?

More reasons to love the Biomat:

  • FDA 510K approved Class II Medical Device
  • Amethyst crystal mines in South Korea are owned by Richway International, the Biomat Company that has been successful for 20 years
  • Manufactured in South Korea
  • Increases circulation
  • Soothes and relaxes muscles
  • Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Improves sleep
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Promotes healing


Users of the Biomat report that lying on the mat is…

“Like having a bed of sunshine in the middle of a rain forest.”


My mission is to restore hope, health, happiness to cancer thrivers world-wide. I am supporting my mission by being an affiliate with the Biomat. This means that I love and support this product! I only have products in my online store that I use myself and believe whole-heartedly in.

You may find the Biomat for purchase in my online store, The Purple Healing Tree.

Click here to check out the Biomat: The Purple Healing Tree

BioMat Pro (no pillow)

Please note: I receive a commission on the Biomat if you purchase through my site. I am not making any revenue from my website or blogs. This helps bring in a bit of cash-ola to help keep my mission alive and to continue helping other cancer thrivers on their healing journey.

You will not be disappointed in what the Biomat has to offer!

Affirm: I love my body! I give it what it needs at every level to heal in a healthy and loving way.



* Neutropenia- an abnormally low count of white blood cells that can be caused by diseases that damage the bone marrow, infections, or certain medications. It can lead to increased susceptibility to infection. (www.neutropeniadefinition)

**The Biomat is not just for cancer patients! It is recommended for: athletes, the elderly, the disabled, carpenters, office workers, construction workers, arthritis or anyone that has a physically demanding job. Basically, it is a registered FDA medical device suitable for use in hospitals, therapeutic clinics, and at home. It is easy to use and safe to operate. Get pain relief at home and whenever you need it by owning a Biomat!


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