No matter what you choose for your cancer treatments…cancer is expensive!
How do I afford airline travel for my cancer treatments on top of my cancer expenses?


Affirm: Grand Cayman I come!!!

Affirm: Grand Cayman Islands…here I come!!!


My post-surgery cancer treatment plan is to continue immunotherapy and to have a personal vaccine made from my tumor.

I will travel to Perseus PCI (Personalised Cancer Immunotherapeutics) in the Grand Cayman Islands to receive my personal cancer vaccine.

How do I afford a plane ticket when I am on an unpaid medical leave, no Long-Term Disability, no Social Security Disability… and our life savings is long-gone from my first cancer diagnosis.

“No matter what you choose for your cancer treatments…cancer is expensive.”

Spending my Sunday researching how to get to the Grand Cayman Islands on a shoe-string, I stumbled upon a resource to help with airline travel, the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society uses donated miles to connect patients with much-needed flights to treatment.

I immediately called the American Cancer Society (they are available 24/7 for assistance) and spoke with a helpful individual, Chris.

He recorded my basic information: name, diagnosis, where intended to travel and why.

Then, he sent me the following email: :



I clicked on and completed the “The Patient Travel Referral Program- National Resource” online and submitted it.




Crossing My Fingers and Hoping for the Best
I have done my research, applied for assistance and will remain hopeful for good news!

Affirm: Grand Cayman Islands…here I come!!!

Yes! Can't wait to read it!

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