We are inundated with the news of schools, stores, conferences, flights, sporting events being cancelled. Our country and the world is in lock-down. All this uncertainty brings feeliings of anxiety, panic, and fear.

What is certain is your odds of staying healthy during a pandemic increase exponentially when you have a rock-solid immune system. Whether it be cancer or COVID-19, foolproof your healing journey with an ironclad immune system.

FEAR. The unknown and change creates fear in us. We are wired this way. But, this doesn’t mean we need to let fear and the unknown rule our being. Fear and stress are counter-productive to a healing journey. Stress leads to inflammation. Chronic inflamation leads to a weakened immune system. A weakened immune system opens the gate for a herd of diseases to infiltrate the body. Diseases sets up residence and…well…we know where that leads…

5 Tips to Rock Your Immune System

  1. Eliminate stress~Practice self-care (meditation, yoga, walk, seek sunshine, journal, bath, unplug)
  2. Eat well~ Your diet plays a vital key in your immune system. Foods to eliminate: sugar, dairy, wheat. These can be challenging foods to wipe out of your meal plan. Use substitutes, such as, Stevia, almond milk, gluten-free.
  3. Supplements~ My top 5 fav’ for the immune system: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Probiotics, Elderberry. Purchase organic, top quality supplements. Herbal Supplements
  4. Sleep~ Aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night. Keep your room dark and between 62-66 degrees.
  5. Connect with People~Most of us our in quarantine. This creates a sense a being lonely and creates loneliness. Reach out to your family/friends and figure out what works best to keep connected. Skype, text, or a good ol’ phone conversation.


One of these days, we can put this all behind us. But, we cannot put our immune system behind us.

Start TODAY and rock your immune system with my top 5 tips.


I love my healthy body.

My immune system is strong and vibrant by the choices I make.

All is well!


Bonus tip: And, of course,…wash your hands! We wash the back and the palms of our hands…but how many of us wash the tips? Many germs are harbored in our tips.










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