How does a Super-Busy Cancer Mom survive Thanksgiving with the great expectation of cooking the elaborate dinner? Provided are 3 foolproof ideas that will save Thanksgiving and give you the energy to celebrate with your family and friends.



Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of them all. I look forward to stuffing myself to the gills with turkey, green bean casserole, and all the fixins’. It’s the one day of the year my Keto Diet is laid to rest.

My family looks forward to the Thanksgiving traditions of watching the Macy’s Day Parade, playing hockey on the lake, watching football…and the huge Thanksgiving Dinner.

But, this year is different…How do you survive Thanksgiving with the great expectation of cooking the elaborate dinner when living with cancer?

I toyed with the idea of “blowing off” Thanksgiving. My energy is a bit lower after having 3 abscessed teeth extracted, hosting sounds overwhelming, and do I really want to deal with making the customary Thanksgiving dinner?

The days before the big day are spent cleaning the house, battling the grocery store lines, figuring out the menu, and inviting guests…exhausting in itself.



When Turkey Day comes…it is a full day preparing the food. It always amazes me how long it takes to prepare the meal and how quickly it takes to consume the meal!

Then, the dishes are cleared, the kitchen cleaned, and dessert served. Late into the evening is spent cleaning the kitchen, wrapping up leftovers, and picking up after the company has gone.

Wow! I just took the meaning out of Thanksgiving by focusing on me and all the work that goes into Thanksgiving.


Breathe. Focus. Be grateful.

Cancer does not have to disrupt your Thanksgiving celebration.

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for my family and me. I am not willing to give up our traditions or the scrumptious meal.

So, how do I pull off a potentially stressful day of preparing Thanksgiving dinner?

3 Foolproof Ideas for Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Potluck

You are not Super Woman and do not try to be!

Be the Amazing Mom you are by asking for help from family and friends that will be coming to your house.

I have found that people understand Thanksgiving is a huge undertaking. They are more than willing to help but need to hear from you, the hostess, on how to help.

Write down a list of what you will be serving.

You pick what you are most comfortable making and have the energy to prepare. Green bean casserole is one of our fav’ Thanksgiving dishes and it’s simple and easy to prepare while watching the Macy’s Day Parade.

Offer choices to your guests of what they may bring. Everyone seems to have a fav’ dish to share.

2. Order In

Many stores, restaurants and caterers offer Thanksgiving dinner.

Whole Foods offers an organic turkey dinner if you are looking for organic.

Don’t forget Schwann’s!

Do not feel like you are letting down your family or friends by ordering your meal in. They will understand and be thankful that you are able to enjoy the day and relax.

Who knows…maybe ordering in will become a new tradition!

3. Go out

Many restaurants offer a Thanksgiving dinner or buffet.

Be sure to check out which restaurants are offering a meal and make a reservation.

No hassle, no mess, no clean up!

Then, go home with your guests, put your feet up, and cheer on your favorite football team!

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Whatever you decide to do…celebrate Thanksgiving.



As a mom, I want to keep the Thanksgiving traditions alive and going for my family…especially when our lives have been turned upside down with the cancer diagnosis. Cancer does not have to disrupt Thanksgiving.

Instead, figure out the best Thanksgiving dinner option for you and your family.

Embrace it. Give thanks. Eat your fill.

Most of all, be thankful and grateful for your family, your friends, your healing, your life… and for being an Amazing Mom!

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