Make travel simple and healthy with my fav’ travel snacks. Did I mention simple?


Traveling, going to work, being on the road was stressful when it came to food. There are few healthy choices for Super-Busy Cancer Moms who are on the run! I have learned to prepare and pack snacks for those “on-the-go-days” to alleviate stress.

“I enjoy the foods that I eat. I love every cell of my body.”
~Louise Hay

Whether you are going to work, on the road for medical appointments, or traveling… you will need to plan ahead for your snacks.

Time and planning will pay off as your body heals.

My “Go-To” Healthy Snacks

  • Travel mug or Mason Jar with green smoothie
  • Cut up green apples with cinnamon and raw almond butter
  • No-ants-on-a -log (celery with raw almond butter mixed with coconut oil & no raisins)
  • Trail Mix: Make a big batch of your own trail mix with raw nuts, seeds, dried fruit (freeze extra)
  • Coconut oil: I bring a jar of coconut oil with me when traveling
  • Pre-made salad: Put in a BPA-free plastic container and recycle when finished
  • Cut up fruits and veggies
  • Hard-boiled eggs with Himalayan Pink Salt and pepper
  • Shaker cup with Collagen Powder, Bone Broth Powder, Fruit/Veggie Powder
  • Bottle of alkaline water
  • Bone-Broth bars
  • Packets of ORGANO coffee (Ganoderma/Reishi mushroom coffee) See my home page for the ORGANO link

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