Detoxifying your system is highly important when you have cancer.

Be prepared, however, as it can be a bitch!

One of the first items on your cancer healing journey is to detox. Your body is full of toxins if you have been diagnosed with cancer.

When I first learned this I welcomed the detoxification process not knowing what “true” detox entails. Anything to get rid of the DIS-EASE!

Well…after having 3 teeth extracted that were on my breast meridian two weeks ago…I can tell you…it’s a bitch! But, oh, so necessary!

A little background on my past

I was in the Peace Corps in Uganda, East Africa for 4 years. During this time, I had dysentery in the forms of giardia, amoebas, parasites. I have not-so-fond memories of riding over bumpy, potholed roads on a matatu (VW mini-van taxi) for a few hours to see our Peace Corps Nurse.

The first time I was diagnosed with amoebas in the corps, I was put up in a hotel for the weekend so the nurse could observe me. After three days of fevers and flu-like symptoms, I finally felt better. I remember having breakfast in the hotel and looking out the window at the biggest rat I had ever seen! If that rat was in our food and water…no wonder I had gotten so sick!

My water source in my village was a mystery. The boy I hired would pick up my jerry cans daily and return them a few hours later. I remember seeing my water-boy filling my jugs with green water from the ditch when riding by on the matatu. Sure, I boiled my drinking water but my system was not strong enough for what inhabited it.

It’s no wonder I came home with dysentery that continues to plague my immune system.

Local boys fetching my drinking water

Local boys fetching my drinking water


Then, add on the 20 plus vaccines that were mandatory as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Looking back…it’s no wonder DIS-EASE invaded my body!


Vaccines given to me in the Peace Corps

Vaccines given to me in the Peace Corps


After returning from Uganda, my family and friends often commented that my energy level was not the same. I knew this was true. How many 28 year olds come home from work every day and go directly to bed?

Fast forward to July 5, 2016…my doctor shares, “I am sorry, but, you have cancer.”

Many people who knew me wondered…how in the world would Jackie get cancer? She is one of the most healthy people!

As my sister commented, “Jackie even has lead-free dishes…who does that?”

My thermography report after my first cancer diagnosis indicated inflammation in my gut (no surprise from the dysentery in the Peace Corps) and inflammation from my mouth to my right breast.

My bio-dentist extracted two infected root canals, fixed a cavitation and repaired an infected tooth that had a mercury filling.

My medical team felt they had identified the source of my cancer between my gut and my mouth. They shared the source of my cancer was a build-up of H.Pylori from my gut and my mouth which created the “perfect storm” for cancer in my right breast and armpit lymph nodes.

“It is important to identify the source of your cancer. Otherwise, it is very likely it will return.”

My medical team was correct in identifying the source, but, missed 3 critical upper teeth located on my breast meridian.

After my second cancer diagnosis on July 2, 2018, my thermography report showed inflammation in my upper right teeth/gums. These teeth had been throbbing and were painful.

When these 3 abscessed teeth were removed two weeks ago, I was not prepared for the infection, metals and fungus that were released in to my blood stream.

As a result, I was bed-ridden with a splitting sinus headache, flu-like symptoms, and an enlarged painful lymph node in my neck (I had 6 lymph nodes in my armpit removed from the first surgery. Since, I was missing these lymph nodes, my neck lymph node had to work extra hard to detox).

My doctor confirmed I was “detoxing.” Ugh…I was not prepared for this level of detoxing.

Detox prescription

– Coffee enemas

~ Every 15 minutes until feeling better (I had 4 the first day until I felt better).

~ Chew on two chlorella tabs during each enema.

~ Every day until feeling better.

~ Discuss with doctor how often continue after detoxification process.

– Coconut oil pulling

~ Swish with 1 TBL. of coconut oil daily for 10-20 minutes to absorb toxins in mouth.

~ Spit in to garbage or toilet.


~ Scrape tongue with knife or tongue scraper to thoroughly remove oil.

– Green smoothies.

– Drink lots of water

~ Preferably alkaline water.

– Homeopathy remedy

~ To drain sinuses and toxins.

– Rest, sleep, no stress.

Drink lots of water when detoxing to move those toxins out of your body!

Drink lots of water when detoxing to move those toxins out of your body!


During one of my enemas, I passed about a two foot parasite. My friend called it Penelope the Parasite!

Well…it was time for Penelope to go after being part of me for over 20 years from the Peace Corps. Good riddance!

Close your eyes & scroll down if you do not want to see Penelope the Parasite in the following photo!

Just warning you…she is GROSS!!!


Parasite passed during coffee enema

Parasite passed during coffee enema


My doctor shared that now my mouth is healing…my body can heal.

My immune system had been working so hard to heal the infection in my sinus cavity and upper gums that it could not take care of the parasites in my gut…

or the cancer…hence, the return of cancer.

Parasites are very sneaky and difficult to get rid of. They tend to hide in your gut.

No more hiding in my gut as my immune system rebounds after this intensive detoxification process!

The detoxification process is not glamorous but vital to your cancer healing journey. Expect flu-like symptoms when you detox. This is good news as it means that your body is getting rid of the toxins…which is what you want your body to do.

The process can be uncomfortable and painful, but, in the end it is all worth it! One more step on your healing journey…

Affirm: I love my healthy body. I love every cell in my body. I love life.

~ Louise Hay

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