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Time stretches when needed. ~Louise Hay


I release a huge sigh as I look at today’s calendar. How in the world do I take care of myself and manage a busy household with two active teenaged boys (who do not drive)?

Before my thoughts gather steam like a freight train rolling down a mountain, I affirm:
Time stretches when needed and moves quickly when needed.

Take a deep breathe and affirm you have more than enough time.


5 simple tips for managing a crazy-busy household:

  • Set up an online calendar. My family recently organized a Google Calendar which allows every family member to enter his/her activities. Each person has a different color so it is easy to identify each person’s commitment.
  • Organize a family meeting. Decide as a family the day and time of the week that works best for each member to meet. My family sits down every Sunday afternoon to discuss the week. This is also a good time to have each person enter their activities on the online calendar.
  • Carpool. Set up carpools for the kids’ activities. It is worth the effort and a win-win. Less driving means more time for your self-care and the kids get to ride with friends.
  • Bags packed. Bags are packed and prepared the night before. This creates a smoother morning when waking up for 5 AM hockey practice!
  • Pre-make breakfast the night before. Mason jars breakfast are simple and convenient. With early morning hockey practice, the boys are able to “grab and go” with a spoon in hand and their mason jar. Yummy!

~ Recipe~

Add yogurt to the bottom of a pint-sized mason jar
(we prefer Greek yogurt)
Scoop in granola
Put berries (frozen or fresh) on top
Refrigerate for up to one week


Time Does Stretch

With pre-planning and organizing, you will be find yourself with more time for your self-care.

When you are feeling anxious, stressed and time is your enemy…
take a deep breath and affirm time stretches when needed. You will discover that you have all the time in the world!

Affirm: Time stretches when needed. ~ Louise Hay

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