When my family travels, we have learned to ask each family member to pick one activity s/he would like to do on our vacation.

Our family sits down before our vacation to learn about our destination and activities that are offered at each location.

Then, each family member chooses an activity.

This alleviates a family member feeling “left out” and not getting to do something of interest.

Also, having each family member choosing something s/he would like to do creates “ownership” and a feeling s/he is an important member of the family.

  • Ask each member to identify one activity s/he would like to do. This keeps everyone happy! Which alleviates hurt feelings in the end that they didn’t get what they wanted to do. This also frees up you from being the tour guide. Less stress which promotes healing!


  • Our youngest chose Extreme Adventures with Vallarta Adventures.

  • Our oldest requested hanging by the pool and beach.

  • My hubby requested local Mexican food for a meal.

  • My request was an overnight in the fishing village and Mecca for surfing, Sayulita.

Carpe diem! Be thankful and grateful for this time with your family and this time to heal.

Affirm: I have a harmonious relationship with my family. We all bless and support each other. ~Louise Hay

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