Chances are you have heard the famous joke that asks, “How do you eat an elephant?” 

The easy answer is “one bite at a time.” 

This is the case for organizing your Healing Cancer Journey…design it one bite at a time.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis in itself is overwhelming and fear-filled…now to design a game plan for treatment when I am scared and unsure what to do?

When I received my diagnosis, I was paralyzed with fear and flooded with pressure to act right away to treat the cancer. 

Hear me loud and clear…you have TIME and CHOICES to figure out your healing journey!

Do not succomb to the pressure of “acting right away” until you are comfortable with the plan for your healing. It took 10-12 years for your cancer to grow. Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, suggests allowing at least one week to figure out your plan. This is your body and you are the CEO of it. Take the time…you will be glad you did in the long run.

You also have choices of how you want to heal. Ask questions. Even though, the culture is to accept what your doctor, oncologist, surgeon suggest…question. Do not just accept the one-size-fits-all treatment. 

Questions to ask:

  • What happens when I have a biopsy? Answer: The tumor is popped and the cancer cells spread.
  • Will chemotherapy kill the cancer stem cells? Answer: No. The cancer stem cells have left the tumor when the biopsy or the surgery happens. They have left and are now circulating in your body looking for another place to reside. The chemotherapy will not kill the stem cells…it only makes them more resistant to chemotherapy. The cancer stem cells are the cells you want to go after…chemotherapy and radiation will not kill them but alternative treatments will. 

When I asked my oncologist the last question, he couldn’t look me in the eye and hemmed and hawwed. Hmmm…this is an answer in itself of the effectiveness.

Chris Wark, of Chris Beat Cancer, offers a great list of 20 questions to ask your oncologist.

Check out his website for this offer!

During this planning time, educate yourself. Read. Watch “The Truth About Cancer” videos. Ask questions. Be open-minded. 

My best advice is to stay completely focused on your biggest goal…healing yourself. The rest can be broken down into manageable, smaller bites. 

Bring this goal down to ground-level by making it manageable and doable. After all, you are a busy mom! The last thing you need is another “to do” on your list.

Ruth Soukup, New York Times Bestseller and blog owner of, Living Well Spending Less, advises to breakdown your goal into manageable pieces so it is not such an overwhelming task. Bring your big, crazy list into doable action steps. Chances are you will not give up if the list is tailored to you, your personality, and the amount of time you can give to your journey.

She recommends spending 5-10 minutes each morning planning your day. Go from BIG to Bite-Sized. 

Ruth has a planner on her website you may download or purchase. My plan was to download it but she just came out with an offer to purchase it. I ordered mine and can’t wait for it to arrive!

Check out Ruth at:

Quite often, I feel like I am “spinning my wheels”…so much to do and so little time. 

Ruth shares her planner gives you “laser-focus”, helps you manage your goals, and breaks them down into manageable steps to increase your productivity.

What mom doesn’t want this in her life? Especially when life became a bit more complicated with a cancer diagnosis.

Treat yourself well. Plan your healing cancer journey. Look for a way to organize it whether it be with Ruth’s planner or create your own. Or, find one that speaks to you. I chose planners with upbeat and positive messages! Be authentic and true to yourself. Your healing cancer journey will emerge when you take the time, know your choices and plan your healing journey. 

Affirmation: I have plenty of time to organize my healing cancer journey. I have laser-focus and I am confident in my plan. 



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