Today is the day to celebrate our fathers! What can I do to celebrate my dad and my husband on this day?

I have a few ideas to…keep it simple, yet, sweet, for you Amazing Cancer Moms!

Celebrating dad and my hubby today!


I grew up making home-made cards for my grandparents, parents, relatives and friends.

It was natural that this tradition would be passed on to our boys.

This morning, I woke up to home-made Father’s Day cards for grandpa and for dad. Good for you, boys!

Home-made card to cherish from our oldest son

This is one way to make Father’s Day simple, yet, sweet,…have your children make home-made cards for dad and for grandpas.

I guarantee there is nothing that will make our grandpa’s and dad’s hearts sing more than a home-made card made with love by their children.

Actually, I am making one for my dad today, too. I cannot imagine buying a store-bought card for my dad. It just wouldn’t be right!

A few more Father’s Day ideas:

  • Coupons- Make coupons for your dad. The coupons could be for lawn mowing, hauling wood, being dad’s helper for an afternoon,…see how creative you can be!
  • Make dinner for dad. What is your dad’s fav’ meal? Make it for him with your siblings.
  • Let dad sleep in. Easy-peasy and dad will be so thankful for a morning to sleep in!


The key for Father’s Day is to empower your children to take care of dad on this day.

This gives you, Amazing Cancer Moms, the time to rest and to take care of yourself.

So blessed


If your dad is still alive, call him!

Send him your home-made card.

Home-made card from our youngest


Make plans to have dinner together if you live close by. Order take-out to keep the meal simple.

Whatever you do on this day…remember dad with love. Thank dad and tell him you love him!

Grandpa supporting our oldest at his hockey game


Affirm: I love and cherish my dad. He has helped me become who I am today.


Yes! Can't wait to read it!

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