“You have cancer.” These three little words bring despair, grief, and typically a death sentence when diagnosed in the United States. The Western Conventional Method that the United States uses to treat cancer consists of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. This is a “one-size-fits-all” approach that that has been around since the 1930’s with dismal results. Does this approach make sense when every “body” is different and our make-up is unique?

Treating cancer is not simple to treat and requires a multi-pronged approach instead that focuses on “healing” and making the body, mind, spirit whole again. Unfortunately, a cancer patient diagnosed in the United States does not have the freedom to choose his/her treatment like other cancer patients in different parts of the world. Cancer patients in other parts of the world have unlimited, safe, effective, and legal choices for their treatments which restores hope, health, and happiness to the patient. After all, isn’t this our end goal with cancer? To create hope, restore happiness and to heal the patient?

With the 4th of July around the corner, I cannot help but reflect on our many freedoms in the United States. I am proud to be an American. So proud and thankful for our country, I joined the Peace Corps for four years to give back. Proud of our Founding Fathers. Proud of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. I am proud of our fellow Americans that have fought hard and earned our freedoms. I am proud of those that continue to stand up for our many rights and privileges. Whether you have served in the military, the Peace Corps, a local organization…you are helping others and our beloved country. I am just DAMN proud to be an American!


You can only imagine my shock when I received a cancer diagnosis to learn Americans do not have medical freedom when it comes to treating cancer. When you are diagnosed with cancer, fear is used as a tactic. Patients are told they have to start treatment immediately. There is no choice and the patient has no say. The established protocol of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation is offered. Some cancer patients are given a death sentence of how long they have to live.

Confusion, despair, and fear immediately set in. Quite often, when one thinks of cancer in the United States…thoughts immediately go to dying.

I asked my doctor, “What are my choices?” I quickly learned you do not question your MD, oncologist, radiologist, or surgeon when it comes to cancer. If you are “in” for their treatment plan, they will treat you well. My experience, as well as others I have counseled, the medical team became hostile towards the patient when refusing chemotherapy or the conventional methods.

There are no choices, except for the conventional method, that are accepted by the medical community and by insurance companies in the United States. If you do not follow the conventional method laid out, you are bullied into following this treatment program.

The doctor was so upset with me he yelled at me for not following “protocol.” He had to leave the room he was so upset.

I was told by another doctor that I would die if I did not take the chemotherapy…and how sad that would be for my children. How sad the doctor had to present cancer with fear, despair and no hope!

I have learned on my healing cancer journey…a cancer patient does have TIME and CHOICES. Cancer has taken 8-10 years to grown. Dr. Andrew Weil suggests taking a minimum of a week to create your healing plan.

Do not feel rushed by your medical team. You may not realize it…but you do have choices of how you want to be treated. Unfortunately, if you choose to stray from the conventional methods, it will be costly as insurance companies do not cover methods other than conventional. The majority of cancer patients go bankrupt due to the cost of treatments; from conventional and non-conventional. Cancer is big business!

Sayer Ji shares in an interview: “The thing about it is, is because of the way that the cancer practice and industry, really, looks at the five-year survival rate, is that they “treat” somebody, give them chemo, radiation, see the tumor regress, go into remission. An then, five years and two months later, when they get another cancer, they can just define it as a new cancer and not look at the root of it, which is that it was just those remaining- those subpopulation of cancer stem cells that were not only resistant to chemo and radiation, but were enriched, that then grew back slowly over time. Because as you know, right, a tumor or cancer could take decades before you actually can get it to be surveilled.

The problem, of course, is that it’s about the microenvironment of the “cancer cell.” We have to adjust and changes things back, detoxify. We need to supplement with the right nutrition and information from the right foods, hydrate, oxygenate. Those are all the factors that will then re-educate that cell to say, “Oh, wait a second. I’m supposed to do this particular job as a hair cell, this job as a heart cell. I’m not going to become a cancer and try to take over the whole body.”

As Sayer Ji points out the conventional method looks at a 5 year success rate if you are in remission. This is simply not good enough for me! I want to heal my body so I can live to be a sassy 101 years old! Not have to worry that my odds are high if being treated with our conventional methods that the cancer is likely to return in 5 years.

Good quality of life is also important to me as a mom on my healing cancer journey. A good quality of life does not exist if you resort to conventional methods from the side-effects you experience during and after treatment.

On my healing cancer journey, I learned from Ty Bollinger, The Truth About Cancer Founder, that “cancer is not a death sentence.” On the contrary to what we are led to believe in the United States, there is hope when diagnosed with cancer.

The Truth About Cancer traveled to 7 countries in 7 days to learn how Asia treats cancer. What an eye-opening and refreshing documentary!

Their doctors are allowed to treat cancer patients with what they believe will help the patient; not hurt the patient. They are able to use TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic methods which are safe, effective, and affordable ways to treat cancer that have been around for thousands of years.

In the Philippines, they have a law, TALMA, Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act. The act mandates that the government study all of the traditional treatments and standardize them. “TALMA law allows for doctors to study and become certified at all types of medicine and healing modalities, including natural medicine,” Ty Bollinger summed up while interviewing Dr. Elizabath Micaller while in the Philippines.

In many Asian countries, doctors are allowed to practice what they believe is best for the patient. This opens up a whole new world of treatments for cancer patients. Treatments that heal the body rather than kill all the cells in the body along with the immune system. The medical community in our country are not allowed to practice other modalities except for the conventional methods otherwise they will be stripped of their medical license.

Dr. Elizabeth Micaller continues to share her perspective on cancer: “…the body is perfect. You give it what it needs, it’s going to stay well. In fact, my take on cancer is, it’s just one of the manifestations of a common ailment, of a common condition of everyone. I look at it as, cancer or any disease in fact, but mostly cancer because that’s your focus, it’s a condition where the, what we call the biological terrain of the body is toxic. Okay. I look at cancer as two ways, your biological terrain is super dirty, so all the cells are impaired, and the other one is you might have a deficiency of a nutrient. And so those are my two main causes of cancer.”

Breaking down what Dr. Micaller shared about cancer: the body is toxic, nutritional deficiencies exist.

Why would you give a cancer patient chemotherapy and radiation when the body is “super dirty” and toxic?

Chemotherapy and radiation will only make the body become more toxic as it kills all cells; including the immune system. Unfortunately, these treatments are killing cancer cells but not the most important ones; the cancer stem cells.

By the time the cancer patient has undergone a biopsy, the cancer stem cells have left the tumor (the biopsy popped the tumor and released the cancer cells to circulate in your body) and have spread. Another issue with chemotherapy is cancer stem cells need to be killed but they become resistant to chemotherapy.

A healthy immune system and good nutrition are critical on a healing cancer journey. Rather than making your body dirtier, doesn’t it make sense to detoxify your “super dirty” body and to flood it with nutrients?

We also learned from Dr. Huang Chien-Jung that Western medicine tends to view the body in separate parts. We see “specialists” for each body part in the United States. With Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is viewed as a harmonious, whole structure. He states that this is why TCM is so successful.

Dr. Kuo, from Taiwan, shared he has 384 formulas in his medicine toolbox to treat patients with cancer. Dr. Kuo’s nickname is “Dr. Magic” as he is finding the true causes of cancer in his patients. Once he knows the cause of his patient’s cancer, he is able to focus in on the individual and prescribe the best protocol. His success comes from treating each person as an individual that focuses on personalized, unique treatments. Sounds like a good plan to me vs. the one-size-fits-all approach!

A Japanese author of 250 books including a best-seller on the toxicities involved in chemotherapy, Shunsuke Funase, shared that “… the medicine to use chemotherapy is very bad poison. It’s only just a poison, so the poison will kill the patient…”

Funase interviewed a government officer who is in charge of chemotherapy management in the public welfare industry in Japan while writing his best-seller. Funase asked him, “Chemotherapy can cure the cancer patient?” He answered, “I will answer you, chemotherapy cannot cure the cancer, it’s a common sense…chemotherapy is very bad poison.”

Unfortunately, Funase’s book about chemotherapy and the dangers of it is only in the Japanese language. He was cautioned by a very famous American healer not to print it in English and to never sell it in the United States. The individual shared with Funase, “If you do that, you shall be killed in two- in two weeks.”

Dr. Asamu Mizukami, MD, in Japan, is a practicing oncologist of more than 30 years and seen more than 10,000 cases of advanced cancer patients. He chooses not to use conventional treatments of chemo, radiation, operation, as he stated it has severe low cure rates. He says, “So, I don’t like that.” Instead, Dr. Mizukami chooses to use methods, such as, Vitamin C and ozone infusions, that are boosting the immune system and healing the cancer patient.

The point is he has the choices and the freedom to choose how to best treat his cancer patients.

I was left with great hope after watching Ty Bollinger’s Eastern Medicine tour.

But, I am befuddled and confused as to why our doctors in the United States are not able to offer other choices outside of the conventional methods.

Please understand that I am not opposed to our MD’s. I have many friends that are MD’s and my niece is an MD. Instead, we need to look at the role of Big Pharma. This is another blog…the role Big Pharma plays in cancer and the billion dollar cancer industry.

The United States has a ways to go with offering affordable, effective, and legal choices for cancer treatments. I discovered “other” treatments that beef up my immune system to promote healing, however, they are not covered by health insurance and I had to travel out-of-the-country for treatment.

My hope is our great country will no longer be like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand regarding cancer. It is past time to let freedom ring and allow our cancer patients choices when it comes to cancer treatments.

Happy 4th of July to you and your family! Celebrate our amazing country along with our freedoms. I am celebrating my “freedom of speech” by sharing what I have learned first-hand and the knowledge gained on my healing cancer journey.

I am going to leave you with inspirational messages about cancer from doctors in Asia:

“So now, we can coexist with cancer. Even if you get cancer, you can live. Don’t be afraid. Don’t worry. Cancer is not a death sentence. We can live with cancer. That’s a real possibility, even if you cannot get rid of the cancer cells, you can live with cancer,” shares Dr. Koichiro Fujita, MD from Japan.

Dr. Lo En Ta, MD, from Taiwan states, “There’s always hope for cancer treatment. There’s always hope for cancer…”

Someday, I believe this will be the hopeful message embraced by medical doctors in the United States for our cancer patients. And, more importantly, I believe in near-future we will have the freedom to choose our cancer treatments.

Let freedom ring!






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